eDGE Approach

This is a critical first step in developing a solution that will get the results you need. It allows us to truly understand your goals and objectives. We work with your team to understand how to best integrate our recruitment solution into your environment, and get your input on the solution.


We use industry best practices and knowledge gained from previous engagements and assign a Recruitment Solution Design Team to build a custom design for your needs. It all comes together in a documented Engagement Service Plan (ESP).


Based on the scope of the engagement, We bundle together the essential People, customize the process and assign experienced leadership to oversee operations.


By assigning a dedicated Client Service Partner and creating a custom dashboard of the critical metrics and SLA elements, we manage the engagement and show demonstrable results. SigmaEdge continually measures, tracks and reports the results to you in order to refine best-practices as needs and requirements change. All of our engagements are managed from our Recruitment Operations Centre, Hyderabad, India.

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