Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We offer the following comprehensive range of IT staffing related Consulting Services:

Practice Foundation

We help IT organizations to establish effective Human Resource Management practice at organizational level. We provide our technical consulting in developing HR practice in a startup IT organization based on their management transition plan. Accordingly, we help the organization in developing, refining and improving HR systems, processes, procedures and practices.

Based on the organization’s international operations, we help them formulate HR strategies with special emphasis to make them employee-ready. We support them to adopt HR capacity building and development strategies. We enable:Improving and implementing the human resource approach that emphasizes on resulting employee productivity

  • Developing talent-focus and emphasis on employee encouragement
  • Building employee-centric organizations with high levels of understanding, adoption and cooperation

Strategy Formulation

We provide our support in formulating the HR strategies in the wake of business diversification, expansion of business operations, business takeovers and business acquisitions. We analyze your HR strategy vis-à-vis organizational objectives and suggest you changes if any. We help you to prioritize your HR policies, adopt training initiatives and implement employee-friendly working models.

We assess your current HR processes and help you to indentify various shortfalls and gaps in implementing them. We also identify key HR issues that are causing trouble for your organization. We conduct in-depth Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis for external and internal environments of your organizations.

We help you in formulating the strategy, planning the execution, identifying the implementation methodologies and prioritizing the delivery models. Thus, we document the action plans to be followed with a predefined time periods.

Establishing Performance Metrics

We help you to establish HR metrics and measure the performance of your employees and consultants. We formulate various performance metrics based on employee turnover, recruitment efforts, employee retention and organization’s training and development efforts.

Our unique NEST-QUEST process and our fully developed Talent Management Service delivery models enable us to serve tailored services. We have a successful track record in serving many IT corporate organizations across the globe.

We emphasize on developing effective Human Capital for your organization. Our comprehensive job profile repository and highly qualified team of consultants with rich IT industry experience make it easy for us to serve you in result-oriented manner.

SigmaEdge has garnered a distinctive recognition with its comprehensive range of service models. Our team possesses high levels of dedicated approach and customized service rendering processes.

Our agility in response enables us to provide effective talent deployment services according to your unique needs. We play the role of facilitator in developing Human Capital of your organization and thereby building effective HR Branding for your organization.

Our team is determined to provide services with swifter responsiveness within stringent timeframes. Our main focus is to offer all our services with utmost importance to the factors such as:

  • World-class Quality
  • Quicker Delivery
  • Total Responsibility
  • Complete Customization

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in India is gaining prominence in quicker manner. It is now considered as the most effective Staffing option compared to other conventional methodologies of staffing.

We offer the complete range of IT Recruitment services in outsourcing model. Now you can concentrate on your core business operations, while transfer the task of finding the right talent for various job openings with your organizations to us. Thus, your HR department can focus on core organizational issues, while we get you the right talent conveniently.

When you avail our RPO support, you can:

  • Get job profiles searched using advanced tools and databases
  • Find the right talent with extraordinary skills and experience to come onboard of your organization in quicker manner
  • Reduce the cost, time and effort in finding the right talent
  • Concentrate on core issues of organizational HR planning and management
  • Improve your overall organizational productivity
  • Maximize your returns on recruitment investments

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